History & Philosophy

JMD Garcia Kitchens is based in Windhoek, Namibia and is a branded business which has developed key business capabilities through experience in the cabinet fitting market with a sound understanding of international trade. JMD Garcia Kitchens is registered with Kitchen Specialist Association (KSA) and we adhere to industry standards as per the association. We recognize the importance of strategic partnerships and alliances and as such have strong relationships with a number of highly rated international manufacturers and service providers.

JMD Garcia Kitchens is being driven by seasoned professionals under the leadership of Mr. J .Garcia who has more than 14 year's experience in the industry. JMD Garcia Kitchens has always been on the cutting-edge of the kitchen world thanks to constant product and process innovation, continuous research into new technologies and the best finishes in the kitchen cabinet industry.

At JMD Garcia Kitchens we have over 10 years experience in modular and customised kitchen design and installation, house refurbishment and interior design. We offer a design-led service based specifically on our clients' requirements, unlike many fitted kitchen retailers, whose design wizard tool crams as many of their units as possible into the space available, without much actual design input or consideration to individual needs.

We pride ourselves in striving towards the highest specification, using the highest quality materials, including solid wood, wood veneers, high gloss lacquer and glass. As standard, our kitchen cabinets are white melamine inside, as per KSA requirements.

At JMD Garcia Kitchens you will find a complete range of styles and designs to suit every budget and taste. Our fitted kitchens are long-lasting, practical and stylish and will add value to your home.


To be the builder's first choice for quality fittings and products required to achieve top-class finishes for all types of buildings.


Our mission is to provide our clients with impeccable finishes on their projects by offering a wide variety of top quality products, designs and advisory services.
In pursuit of our mission, we develop a variety of high quality products in various categories for the growing market.

Guiding Philosophy

JMD Garcia Kitchens management and philosophy is:

  • Create resources planning to meet client's project objectives
  • Communicate clearly with all clientele
  • Evaluate and analyse needs to meet all buildings requirements
  • Supervise the quality of work done
  • Understand and complete clientele requirements
  • Create a smart partnership with clients to fully understand their unique business strategy, goals, needs, objectives and culture. We will study and tailor-make designs for your organisation.

Our commitment to you

To achieve your desired results, our development effort extends beyond fittings.

We work in partnership with you to:

  • understand your business and product needs
  • design customized fittings for buildings
  • develop and implement designer fittings for every type of home
  • implement low cost housing design initiatives

Expertise: kitchens and interiors

We offer kitchen cabinet fittings and all room fitting that are superbly designed and help in providing top level finishes for any household or building.

We believe in designing and developing specific solutions through a collaborative process aimed at identifying a client's needs, requirements and objectives. This approach, combined with a strong faculty of installation experts, puts our organisation in the position to spur on the progress and the establishment of the highest quality standards.

Our business is focused on the following key areas:

  • Industry-leading wood coatings for kitchens, edge banding, furniture, building products, store fixtures, millwork, doors and windows.
  • Advanced technology, finish expertise
  • Premium quality and professional service
  • Application specialists
  • Superior customer service commitment.

The years of experience of the management of JMD Garcia Kitchens, allows us to truly understand the current market needs of different buildings. With these skills we endeavour to improve current trends in the industry by introducing new and sustainable designs in buildings. JMD Garcia Kitchens is a catalyst for quality and superior kitchen fittings and low cost housing fittings.

We strive to understand your issues and business objectives. We work together with you to develop the proper specifications for your project. We bring to you the forefront of technology, empowering designs customised to suit every client.

Key Personnel

A group of visionaries embarked on a trail-blazing path of training and development, armed with a positive attitude and the pre-requisite skills, which yield a sound fiscal policy able to mobilize resources. Over the operational year, this core team has branched out into specialised fields, while continuously upgrading their capabilities:-

Company structure

The Management Team

JMD Garcia Kitchens is driven by a management team whose structure makes it an integral part of all the different processes within the company. They are involved in all the aspects of the development, project planning, capacity building and implementation of the projects. Their expertise is the determining factor in the success of the business and their experience is a major force in the operations of the business. The team has over than 16 years of experience in the industry.

Manager Profile

The Manager of the business is Mr Jail Garcia who has more than 14 year's experience in the joinery industry. He is an innovative entrepreneur who has customer service at heart. Mr Garcia is a competent businessman as well as a proficient manager with particular interest in the maintainance of quality and developing the JMD Garcia Kitchens brand to be synonymous with excellence with kitchen fittings as the core product.

What makes us Different

We are a young joinery company that strives to give our client the best service and the brightest designs ideas. All our products are manufactured using high end hardware from Blum, the leading Kitchen hardware company in the world. The hinges and drawer runners we use have a life time guarantee. The backing of all our units and the bottom of our drawers are 16mm white melamine. All our Drawers and hinges are soft closing and our hinges are all clip on.